401(k) Health Snapshot

Valtrum’s 401(k) Health SnapshotTM is a valuable, high-level tool to quickly evaluate the “fitness” of your current retirement plan in ten key areas—from employee education and benchmarking to investment performance and compliance.


It’s a fast, easy way for you to make sure you’re getting everything promised to you by your current plan provider, and it helps you answer the 401(k) questions that cause concern for most companies:


  • Are the plan investments optimal?
  • Are the participant fees appropriate?
  • Are we using the right vendor?
  • Are we in proper plan compliance?
  • Are my employees going to be prepared for retirement?
  • Are our staff members spending too much time on plan issues?
  • And the list could continue….

How it works

Valtrum offers the 401(k) Health Snapshot analysis with no charge and no obligation. Using just 15 minutes of your time, we can gather the information needed to complete this review. Then we can provide you with a targeted plan-health indicator using a simple 10-point scale. It’s straightforward, risk-free and could be remarkably beneficial.

If you discover that your current plan and vendor are indeed meeting all of your needs, you’ll have some added peace of mind and extra proof of due diligence for your file. If the results show you may have compliance liability or missing plan components, you’ll know what actions are needed to correct any problems and minimize potential fines or penalties.

Either way, spending 15 minutes with the Valtrum experts could translate into real advantages for your company.


Offering a retirement plan for your employees should bring all the rewards of increased employee morale, the opportunity to retire with dignity and also serve as an employee recruitment and retention tool. 


Valtrum Retirement Plan Consulting makes it easy for your company to provide the best possible 401(k) plan value for you and your employees. 

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