Key Questions

Fiduciaries and plan sponsors across the country are asking similar questions about their own company sponsored retirement plans:


  • Are the plan fees and services competitive with the marketplace?
  • How are the investments really doing?
  • Is there a sound due diligence process that can be followed?
  • Are there hidden fees in the plan offered to employees?
  • Does the plan work efficiently to meet participant goals?
  • Is there an effort to encourage and expand participant enrollment?
  • Is the plan fully ERISA compliant?
  • Are the fiduciary bases covered?

This is where we can help bridge the gap.  Valtrum Retirement Plan Consulting specializes in assisting businesses answer these questions.


Our knowledge and focus has been on helping plan sponsors answer these questions and more.  We will implement a process to help fiduciaries and participants gain peace of mind about their company sponsored retirement plan.


Curious how your plan stacks up?  Check out the 401(k) Health Snapshot©.


Some of our recent clients include:


  • An automotive dealership which found itself in need of restructuring its retirement plan after purchasing numerous dealerships.
  • A health industry supplier that was spun off of a larger corporation and needed to establish their own corporate retirement plan.
  • A manufacturing company for the mining industry whose current retirement plan provider was embroiled in financial difficulty.
  • A large telecommunications company concerned about its fee structure.


These are a few examples of what companies are facing in relation to their retirement plan.  We're here to help guide you through whatever comes your way.

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